Fault Lines – Thomas Locke

fault-lines-9780800724375.w300Sometimes, it’s good to know nothing of an author or their other books when you enter into a novel.  Such was the case with Fault Lines.  I had no idea of the journey or experience I was about to enter into.

I have to admit – this was a very hard book for me to get started.  But, the perseverance paid off.  I kept waiting for everything that was going on with Charlie Hazard to make sense.  Really, who just gets into a car and goes along for the ride because a beautiful woman says so?  But, our “risk containment” specialist does just that.

Because she asks, he agrees to the experience, and we along with Charlie are kept waiting for the logical explanations.  And when they come – it’s brilliance!  A bit scary as a new reality is laid before us, but brilliance.

This was a surprise from Revell though.  While there are underlying faith themes – there is nothing to distinguish it as Faith based fiction from the man who has brought us so many works of Christian historical fiction and legal drama.  But, the writing is well done – even though this non-science mind had moments I couldn’t always follow…

This would be a great book to recommend to suspense or sci-fi fans who might be thrown off by a faith-based book.  Especially those men who might not otherwise pick up a book from this publishing house.

Thank you to Graf Martin Communications and Revell books for the opportunity to independently review this novel.



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