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Riding On Both Sides of the See-Saw

Sunday morning was a first for me – our Pastor announced that he and his family have responded to God’s call, and are moving to another community.  Now, he is not the first pastor to make that announcement, nor was it the first time I have been in a church where that announcement was made.  What is the first is that this time – I am not packing boxes, and anticipating a move.

This time, I will learn what the congregation remaining goes through.  This transition brings so many mixed emotions.  On one hand, I am so excited for the opportunity God has given to our friends.  On the other hand, I am sad that this family, who is such a big part of my life, won’t be part of my routine anymore.  I am happy for the congregation that is anticipating this new ministry – they really are blessed beyond comprehension , and at the same time, I am sad that the visionary leadership I have the privilege to work with is being “transplanted” to another part of the kingdom.

I understand now, in a very real way, the sense of abandonment that a congregation feels.  Yet, I  know that we serve a Sovereign God, and because of that – I know that if God is calling our Pastor from us, He already knows who is being called to us. 

I joyfully listened last Saturday, over a cup of tea, as I heard all the ways that God is confirming for our friends that this move is His plan.  As has always been the case for Jeff and I, God is show her very real signs of His intentions.  If ever there were questions around our moves, it has been the opportunities for me that have been the final signs of our move being a “God thing”.  I rejoice that this family is moving into a huge ministry opportunity, into a community that desperately needs the gifts that God has given to both of them.

And so, this week I feel that I’m on a bit of a See-Saw –  being up with excitement, and being down with sadness.  It’s a whole new perspective for me…not sure I ever wanted to gain this, but waiting to see what God has to teach me through it.

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