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Charming addition to my children’s story collection

I was excited to open the package holding the newest book to my children’s storybooks.  The I Believe Bunny is the first in a series by Tish Rabe and charmingly illustrated  by Frank Endersby.

This charming book is written in easy flowing poetry – which will quickly engage even the youngest of readers.  It’s focal Bible point is from Philippians 4:13, I can do everything through him who gives me strength.  Such a great verse for all of us to remember, and what a gift to introduce it early to little ones.

Bunny’s not having a very good day…it’s raining and Bunny has had enough.  He turns down an invitation to play with his friends, because he’s waiting for the rain to stop.  But, when mouse gets caught in the river, Bunny knows just what to do…and although he’s not sure he has the strength to save her, so he stops and prays.

Just then – God sends the solution.  A very important lesson and a model for our children.  If we pray before facing any situation, God will hear, and we will be ready to face it.

I’m truly looking forward to what comes next in this series – it is definitely destined for our local Church library.


Feed My lambs

IMG_0312During the week of July 6, St. Giles Kingsway hosted 57 munchkins for our annual Kingsway Adventure Camp.  It was a blast, and the church building was alive with laughter, shreiks of fun, and tons of singing and activity.

Our week focused on the life of Peter.  During the Bible times, each class looked at the passage in John 21: 15-19, where the Risen Christ has a conversation with Peter.  Remember, Peter (who’s given name was Simon and Jesus renamed “The Rock”), denied Jesus 3 time during His trial – just as Jesus told him he would.

Peter’s response was that could never happen.  He could never deny who Jesus is.  Yet, during Jesus’ trial – Peter did just that, denied that he was a friend of Jesus 3 times.  And as soon as the third denial happened, Peter heard the rooster crow, just as Jesus said it would.  Peter, we are told in scripture, wept bitterly when he realized he had done exactly what Peter vowed wouldn’t happen.

After the resurrection, the angel at the empty grave, told the women to go tell the disciples and Peter.  Not just “tell the disciples”, but specifically added “and Peter”.  The risen Lord needed him to know that he was still part of the circle.  He was still an important part of Jesus team.

Then, in a very personal conversation, the risen Christ asks Peter if he loves Him.  Each time Peter responds, yes, you know I do.  This question is posed 3 times – exactly the number of times Peter denied Him.  I love that, just as frequently as we mess up, Jesus reminds us that he love us, and asks us to do the same.  With each of Peter’s answers, Jesus gives and instruction.  At first, it seems the same, but is it really?  Jesus tells Peter to “feed my sheep”, “feed my lambs” and “feed my sheep”.

Okay – so we, you and I are Jesus sheep, his flock, those he came to take care of.  Peter was being told to take care of the entire flock – the sheep (the adult) and the lambs (the youngest of the flock).  See taking care of just one side, or the other of the flock, is contrary to Jesus instructions.  We can’t just focus on the adults, and expect the children to be okay.  On the flipside, if we pour everything into the children, the adults are properly cared for.  It has to be the total package.  We learn from each other, we need each other.  I learn true, uninhibited faith from children, and I learn total unwavering faith from those who have lived more life than I.

That’s my prayer for the church today, that we will learn that we need every part of it.  That we will learn that each part of the flock has something unique to teach the other parts.  And through our learning, we can reach beyond ourselves and care for flocks in other parts of the fold.sheep and lambs

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Boomerang Express successfully launches

Our No Worries signYesterday marked the beginning of one of the favourite weeks in my year.  We began our Adventure Camp at St. Giles Kingsway (it’s our VBS).  This year, we are travelling around Australia with the Boomerang Express.  All week, our kids are learning with Peter, that “it all comes back to Jesus”.

It is amazing how 53+ kids can bring such joy to an entire building.  The halls are full of happy sounds, the grass on the field is flat from all the games that are being played.  The auditorium has become a hall of creativity, and the walls are ringing with the sound of the songs being sung.

Our gatherings begin and end in the space where we hold “The Well” (check our http:\\, each Sunday.  It is so fantastic to look at the doorway as we end each day, and see the parents so happy to see their kids so engaged.

It is always a priviledge to see volunteers who are with us, because they desire to see the kids come to know Jesus in a very real way – no matter what job they do.

I love our team (although I always happy to have it expand).  From Heather and her registration team, to Jan and Kay in the kitchen.  Or Elizabeth and Barbie in crafts,  Big Al and her gals on the field,  and to top it all off – our teachers and helpers, none of this would happen without them.  It makes my heart happy to see so many people at once pouring themselves into the kids.

Best of all, is the kids.  We have more than I have ever had in my time at the church, and this year, we have families I have never met before.  What an honour.  That these families would choose to spend time with us, and to let us get to know their kids, and let us tell them about how much Jesus loves them.

This year, one of the new things I hope to share (and I’ll post it here too), is a follow up family engagement – all to help keep the concepts of  week alive through the summer.  Big Al and the Roo

Right now – I’m tired, not as tired as I’ll be on Friday to be sure, but it’s a good tired.  To be about God’s work is always a good and blessing filled thing…

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