Words of Grace – A Colouring Book Devotional

Words of Grace CoverTo say that I have discovered the wonderful dimension that colouring adds to one’s devotional life is an understatement.  I find it a great way to focus and relax, and so when I was offered the opportunity to review this devotional with colouring pages from Jacqui Grace and Dee Arrand, I was only to pleased to partake.

Each devotional thought is written to remind the reader of the lavish ways that God shares and shows His grace to us.  Then, using the central theme, the colouring pages offer time to reflect on those truths.

I completed the book – designed to be done over a 28 day period – invites the participant to spend time in creative thought and relaxing focus.  I found each page gave me about 20 minutes to reflect and pray as the drawings came to life through my pencils and pens. It really becomes a way to do a variation of the spiritual discipline of Lectio Divina.  To spend time with a Bible passage and pray and meditate on it, and to hear what God would bring to our mind as we do so.

I liked Dee’s writing style.  It was approachable and applicable, often setting the tone for the remainder of my day’s thoughts and remembrances.  Jacqui’s drawings were not so complicated that I wanted to quit half-way through, but involved enough that I didn’t feel like I was completing a child’s colouring page.  An appreciated balance.

I only wish that the pages were just a bit bigger in format.  I found the smallness of the book made it sometime awkward to manage, but in the grand scheme of things – it’s my issue and not the books!

I would highly recommend this to someone who loves to be creative, and is seeking a way to use this in a time of guided time with God. I am thankful to Graf Martin Communications, the Nuts About Books program and Bethany House for the opportunity to independently review this book.





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