The Map by David Murrow

I found David’s last book, Why Men Hate Going to Church, so intriguing – that I had to read this one.  David contends that the Gospel of Matthew contains a map.  A guide that is of intrinsic value to the transformation of men.

As I opened the book, I was slightly skeptical, yet as I read, I found myself over and over again reading quotes to my beloved.  My first reaction was “this would make a fantastic men’s study”.  The path “The Map” contains is quite simple really, just 3 distinct destinations, each one needs to be completed before heading onto the other.

David breaks the book of Matthew into 3 sections, and by using Jesus’ experiences he shows us the example that Jesus set before all men in order to see themselves fully as God designed.

Each journey: a) submission; b) strength; and c) sacrifice are divided into trail markers.  These help the reader see where they are on their individual “hike” to being a true disciple of Jesus.

These trail markers point to the examples that Jesus gave us, beginning with relinquishing your own power.   David point out that Jesus, King of Kings, entered humanity as a baby.  He came to earth having left the grandeur of heaven.  He had to be able to become someone that we all could relate to, so that we would be able to follow Him.

It is the ease of this book that most readers will find appealing.   As I was reading, I was able to envision a discipling relationship that my beloved has delving into this quest with the author.  I would, without hesitation recommend its use in men’s ministry and/or small groups.

Until the church stops teaching men that living out our faith must look like the ladies meetings…they will never fully be able to become the followers of Jesus that God designed them to be.


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