Back on Murder – J. Mark Bertrand

Roland March misses the murder beat…and is determined to get his superiors to see that that’s where he belongs.  But he keeps getting placed on “punishment” details.  Until the day he arrives at a murder scene.  Things just don’t look right, and Roland is convinced that a missing persons case – the daughter of a local preacher – is connected.

Roland has to face some personal baggage, and come face to face with a belief system he finds questionable at best as he investigates.  Regaining trust from an unexpected superior, he continues to investigate from his gut.  He learns from the example of the behaviours of the missing girl – just what lengths a Jesus follower will go to to show His love to a lost world.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book this engaging.  Because I know Bethany House as a publisher, I kept waiting for very overt examples or even statements of faith…but  Bertrand is much more subtle than that.  And in this book, it works, without being disappointing.  I found myself unable to walk away from the novel – needing to find out the next piece of the puzzle.  I would recommend it for any mystery reader, as well as a great way to introduce readers to Christian fiction – especially those who think this genre is “fluffy”.  This offering is far from that.

I’ll be watching for other books from this author, it has only whet my appetite for more of Roland March…

My copy of Back on Murder was provided by Baker Publishing and Graf-Martin Communications. It’s available at your favorite bookseller of Bethany House books.


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