Friends, Partners and Lovers – Kevin A. Thompson

friends bookHow fitting that I would choose to review a book on marriage in the months around our 25th wedding anniversary.  We are pretty happy, and people think we’ve got it together as a couple.  But, it’s hard work and some days it’s harder work.

Kevin acknowledges that truth, and like he recommends, it’s a choice each day.  To love each other, to build each other up and to stay together.  I would love to see this book become a standard part of pre-marital counselling.

Using Biblical principles, with surprisingly few Biblical references, in his application and drawing on personal experiences, Kevin outlines the 3 important roles that each one in the couple carries and brings to the success of the relationship.  A successful marriage sees strength when the couple are friends, realize the value of a partnership (as opposed to trying to outdo or outsmart the other) and fully love and enjoy each other physically.

I loved watching my parents in their golden years.  It was so obvious that there was no one else in the world that they would have rather spent time with than each other.  As I was reading this book, I was reminded of that love I learned to pattern my own marital choices after.

While I disagree with very little in this offering, I was disappointed that a Pastor would not support his presentation with more of the Book he has based his life on.  It’s the one recommendation I would make for  improvement.

Thank you to Baker Publishing and Graf-Martin Communications for the opportunity to independently review this book.




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