A Name Unknown by Roseanna M. White

A name unknown coverSlightly reminiscent of Oliver Twist – this novel is the first in a planned series about Rosemary Gresham’s “family”.  You see she is a girl with no blood relations, but a band of pickpockets and thieves are her tribe.  She, being very good at her job in pre-WWI England is sought out to dig up some dirt on a suspected German sympathizer.

Taking on the role of a librarian, Rosemary arrives  at the home of Peter Holstein, a socially awkward, but well-connected gentleman with access to the king. His personal library collection is a disaster, and Rosemary sets to the task of organizing.  This gives her prime access to learn all about her new employer, while fulfilling the terms of the ruse that has sent her there in the first place.

As the two spend time together, we see a man of great faith and one respected for his wisdom, and although not always able to express it – he shares it beautifully through his writing.  Rosemary grows to admire this, and finds it harder and harder to dig up dirt on a man she is learning to respect and care for.

I enjoyed this novel.  It’s weaving of historical points with excellent development of characters made for a completely enjoyable afternoon on a holiday weekend, (yes, indeed dear reader, I am a very fast consumer of books).

Thank you to Graf Martin Communications and Bethany House for the opportunity to independently review this title.





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