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all saints movie

I am blown away by a movie I watched this morning – so much so that I had to write this review before any of my wonder wears off.  “All Saints” is a new production, releasing on August 25th, from AFFIRM films (affiliated with Sony Pictures) and stars John Corbett – a long time favourite of mine, thanks to his Northern Exposure and My Big Fat Greek Wedding roles

It was only as the movie began that I realized this is all based on a true story – and what a story it is.  Really, it’s as if Hollywood planned the events as a screenplay – but really, it’s proof of what a Big and Generous God can do – even when we don’t think He’s paying attention.

Michael Hadley, along with his wife, Aimee and son, Atticus have come to Symrna, TN for the sole purpose of Michael’s oversight of the closing and selling the church and property.  As you can well imagine, the 12 people who gather on a Sunday morning are none too happy about it, or his arrival.

His main antagonist is Forrest – a Viet Nam vet and widower – with all the grumpiness that can go with that!  They share some wonderful barbs back and forth and at one point Michael tells him that he needs Forrest’s help to “keep his stupid on a leash”.

About the same time as all this is happening, a group of refugees from Myanmar, formerly Burma, arrived in their town.  The townsfolk are none too happy about it – but they have survived a war, torture and other atrocities, surely they can survive this.  In their homeland, they were farmers and their main support person, Ye Win, asks if they can plant a garden on the property.

When they are asked why All Saints, and not the big church in town, the explanation is a wonderful tribute to the British missionaries that introduced Jesus to them, and they were Anglican (Episcopalian in the US).  And so the Anglican church is where they will worship as a community.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie – the characters, the message and the outcome.  A great family film as well.  I’m excited to recommend this to the families I serve as a great summer evening out!

Thanks to Graf Martin Communications and AFFIRM films/Sony Pictures Entertainment for the opportunity to independently review this movie.



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