The Resurrection of Gavin Stone – A Movie Review

Resurrection of Gavin StoneAs I watched this, during the week after Easter – I couldn’t have chosen a better movie to spend some time with.  Let me say right up from – I am a fan of this movie, and can’t wait to get a copy into our church library.

Vertical Church Films has created a non-typical Christian movie.  It’s well acted, the sets are great and the storyline is completely engaging.   Gavin Stone is a former child star from T.V. who has gotten caught in a downward spiral since the death of his mother.  He went into rehab and dropped out of the public eye.

We meet him as he is being given 200 hours of community service his home town, and the place of choice is with a local congregation.  This also sees him needing to stay at home with his estranged dad again.

As he begins his service, he arrives at the church looking for the pastor – who is in the middle of fixing a plumbing issue.  I personally loved this – as I’m married to a pastor who does small plumbing jobs himself!

We see that the congregation is preparing to begin rehearsals for their annual Easter production, and Gavin decides he needs to audition for the lead role.  He gets it, after acting his way through even his audition – where he has to give his testimony.  He researches what this means on line, and the cliches he uses are truly entertaining.  My favourite was telling the pastor that he has “the Passion of the Christ” for some time now.

He begins to attend the church to carry on with the ruse, and again his online research shows him some of the classic stereotypes of Christians – which he lives out during his first service.

The cast members and especially the Pastor’s daughter, his director, begin to have a profound effect on him, and we watch as his life truly is transformed.  A resurrection of a life going wrong indeed.

As I said at the onset – I can’t wait to get this refreshingly good movie into our church’s library.  Watch it with your family, with a study group or just for an entertaining evening.  Thanks to Graf Martin Communications and Mongrel media for the opportunity to independently review this movie.






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