Case For Christ – The Movie

Case for Christ coverIt’s always fascinating to watch a movie based on a book you read and enjoyed.  Such was this offering of Case For Christ.  Telling the story though was the background journey that led to Lee Strobel’s writing of the book.

There is no doubt that Lee knows how to investigate a story – how to dig through all the information and find the nuggets of truth.  When his wife Leslie starts attend a church, Lee decides to show her the glaring errors of this decision.  After interviewing former atheists, medical doctors, scientists and historians, he follows his editors advice and lets the truth speak for itself.

He does, and the rest is history…Lee became a teaching pastor at the very church he tried to resist and has gone on to write many books that are regarded as foundational for those who are seeking answers about Jesus, faith and Christianity.  In fact, a dear friend was converted after having read Lee’s book, “A Case for A Creator”.

The Lee of this movie was one I was not expecting to encounter – and because he is still living and obviously involved in how this movie was presented , I have to believe it to be true.  But, the change that his encounter with the truth of Jesus’ death and resurrection is dramatic.

I enjoyed this additional layer to the books and writer I respect so much.  thanks you to Graf-Martin Communications for the opportunity to independently review this movie.  This one will certainly make its way into our Church library.




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