The Captain’s Daughter – Jennifer Delamere

The Captain's DaughterThe year is 1897 and Rosaylyn Bernay, a young woman who grew up with her sisters in the orphanage George Mueller founded,  finds herself alone and without any means of supporting herself after a series of unfortunate events befall her.  Things don’t look any better when she arrives in London.

After mistaking a stranger’s offer as kindness and generosity – she again finds herself in an unsafe situation.  That’s when she happens into a job that lets her blossom in both her skills as a seamstress and a beautiful singer, and be a part of not just one, but two presentations of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas.

At at the same time, Nate Moran is home nursing an injury sustained while in the Service.  When he takes a temporary job as a stagehand – his life changes in unexpected ways.

A light novel with romance and some twists and turns.  I enjoyed this read – it was a welcome addition to a quiet weekend, a rare treat to be able to read from cover to cover without interruption.  I found this a perfect summer read, a good story but like a welcome breeze on a muggy day – refreshing in its ease of storyline.

Thank you to Graf Martin Communications and Bethany House for the opportunity to independently review this book.


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