book reviews

What Difference Do It Make? – Ron Hall, Denver Moore and Lynn Vincent

I read this book having only ever seen the first one “Same Different As Me“, on the shelf.  I came to it with no pre-conceived notions, or point of reference to any part of it.  That being said, nor was I disappointed in what I encountered during the reading.

It’s more than a feel good book, or a “look at us” book – What Difference invites us to take a look at our relationship, personally and corporately to the world’s lot around us.  I was particularly taken with Ron’s challenge to Communities of Faith.  To intentionally invest in the life of a homeless person for 30 days – and together find ways to bring sustainable change into that individual’s life.

In a relationship that began because of the volunteer work that Deborah Hall was doing, Ron and Dever entered into a friendship most unlikely.  I was, as I read about Deborah and the impact her life has made, reminded of Abigail in the Old Testament.  It was through her actions that an entire army changed it’s plans.  Although Deborah’s “Army” was very different, the need to turn it around is very real.

Denver’s distinction between “blessings” – that being giving something that acknowledges the individual as a real human with real needs, and “helping” – getting into the pit and staying long enough to find a way out, struck a real chord with me.  Living in a city with many homeless folks, it is too easy to get cynical and just walk on by.  To be Jesus to a world that desperately needs him…a good reminder and challenge.


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