High As the Heavens – Kate Breslin

high as the heavensUndercover work, a return from the supposed dead, spies, medical drama and a love story – this novel has it all.

Evelyn Marche works hard during the WW1 German occupation of Brussels.  A nurse by day and a cafe waitress at night.  But does she really?  When instructions for a meeting come – she is surprised who was behind the controls of the expected plane.

Kate Breslin paints a very careful picture of life in this time, what it was like to be working under the regime, the sorrow of deep, deep loss, and the lengths that the resistance went to in order to assure the well-being of their beloved country.

Evelyn and Simon, that downed pilot, share a connected history.  But, the secrets each of them hold challenge that deeply.  Kate has beautifully written the truths of 1 Corinthians 13 into his character.

I enjoyed this book – I’m not one to normally read this era of Historical Fiction, but I think Kate’s latest offering has changed my mind.  I am thankful to Graf-Martin Communications and Baker Publishing Group for the opportunity to independently review this book.



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