Monthly Archives: February 2009

Connected…are you?

We recently began a sermon series at our church, “What are we aiming at?”.  It reminds me of the proverb, “If you aim at nothing – you will always hit it.”  This past Sunday, the message was about the importance of being connected to each one in the community.  One of the passages of Scripture that was part of the focus was from Second Corinthians, where Paul refers to us as the Body of Christ. 

Each part of the Body has an important role to play, and must be careful not to step outside of it’s prescribed job.  The Body is also not complete when one of it’s parts are missing.  During our children’s time, I used a Mrs Potato Head(r) to illustrate this point.  We took her body, and had the children tell me what was missing.  I then told them that the Bible tells us that we are important parts of the Body of Christ.  When one of the parts of the Body is not there – we miss it.

Our Children’s Ministry has more than 70 children registered, between our 2 services.  Yet on any given Sunday, we can expect 17 -30, again between the 2 services.  We are not complete, unless all 70 children are there.  We miss them, and their families.  I am not so naive to think that families don’t have things that demand their attention turned otherwise on a Sunday morning.  It is my prayer though, that we are high on the priority list of where they long to be. 

In one congregation I attended, their young children knew the days of the week, not by the name of the day, but by what they did on a specific day.  This family had School Days, Dump Days (Saturday to take the big garbage to the town Dump), and Church Days.  It just didn’t complete the week if Church Day didn’t involve being in corporate Worship.

I am constantly searching for those who have plowed this road ahead of me, to share wisdom on helping families make Worship the highest Priority of their Sundays.  We need to make irresistible environments for adults and children; together and separately.  Part of what makes a place so inviting that you just have to be there, is by being connected to significant people in the community.  When you have fallen into the habit of not being a part of the community, days become weeks, that turn to months, and so on. 

What is it that you look for in a community that makes is a place you just have to be?  What makes an environment irresistible?  What can we be doing differently, so that no part of the Body is missing?