Every Piece of Me – Jerusha Clark

Every Piece of MeWe as women are so quick to answer the question, “Who are  you?”, but sharing things that identify our roles.  Wife, mother, assistant, friend, pastor, etc.  How often do we stop to state that we are a child of God, deeply loved and blessed by the creator of the Universe.

Using the seven “I Am” statements, Jerusha Clark uses her won journey of discovery to help the reader to find our who she really is.  Her writing is Biblically based, and quite approachable in it’s teaching.  It would be an excellent book for someone knew to their faith.

Using her experiences  and honestly sharing her struggles with depression, a Bi-polar diagnosis and an eating disorder.  She does not do so apologetically nor does she paint the picture that she is being punished by lack of God’s removal of the issues.  Refreshing in the circle of Women’s ministry.  Yet one more reason this book will be so approachable.

Each chapter deals with a specific area women stuggle with: bitterness, sin, idols, fear, rejection among others.  Jerusha then places the truth of an I AM statement against this, and shares ways to counter the ways we identify with the lie.  She then ends the chapter with questions for personal reflection or group discussion and even recommends furthr reading resources.

I can see this as a small group resource or a personal devotion for those who want to go deeper into the Scriptures than most daily devotionals.

Thank you to Graf-Martin Communications and Baker Books for the opportunity to indepently review this book.



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