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What’s He Really Thinking

Having always been struck by the seeming lack of understanding between the sexes, I’m always up for a good book that helps to give insight to this quandry.
I recently finished “What is He Really Thinking”, by Paula Rinehart, published by Thomas Nelson.

I was taken right away. She begins the book, not in an overly technical pschological way, but by telling women just how wonderful the designed differences are.   By showing the difference in the basic generalites in characteristics of men, she sets the stage to point out how these different qualities impact the women in thier lives.

I was impressed by the fact that right off, she points out the fact that men may have parts of a few or many of these generalities, something other “insight” books have failed to do.  No one person fits into any one “category”, and we must be careful not to pigeon hole. 

Without being overly technical, the author gives us a glimse into what make our men tick…how they feel, process and react to life situations.  She then offers ways for us to respond to the men we love.  Perhaps the one I resonate the stongest with is the focus on Respect.  Aretha Franklin craved it so much she sang a song about it – and in watching many friends and their relationships, it’s something that is greatly lacking.

I highly recommend this book for women who are struggling to get into the heads of the men in their lives, as an insight for young women who are just beginning to see the influence that the other sex will have in their life…it would be a great book for a small group discussion as well.

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