Movie Review – Race To Win from Mongrel Media

I settled in to watch a new movie on Monday afternoon.  Luke Perry, of 90210 fame, stars as the father in this piece.

He and his family run a horse ranch.  As we meet the family, our story very soon heads to heartache.  Dad’s character disappears after going to the barn, and the rest of the movie deals the aftermath of his death.  I did find it odd that Luke Perry would be in a movie with such a short role, but I was soon to find out why.

As the story unfolds, we see the struggles the family has as they process their grief, and it becomes compounded by a very nasty business man with sights for their property..  It is revealed that Dad had some significant debts and the best solution to paying off those debts seems to be Hannah, their daughter, entering into a stunt racing championship with one of the horses.

There is so much more that the film could have explored in the family dynamics and individual grieving processes but there is only so much time, so much is kept to the surface.  It would also have been good to see more of the training process, but again time restraints are what they are.

I must admit – I became completely distracted and a little surprised when the father begins to appear to his children.  They each see him, and have protracted conversations with him.  Not knowing much about the production company, but knowing the program I was asked to do the review by – I thought I was watching a Christian movie.  But, dead people appearing and giving advice to loved ones is completely contrary to all I was expecting.

So, an okay movie to watch with the family, if you are okay with a very unhelpful presentation of what can happen after a loved one dies.  I’m sad that this is not a movie that I could recommend to the families I serve in our ministry.

I am thankful to Mongrel Media and Graf Martin communications for the opportunity to independently review this movie.


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