A Weekend of God’s Goodness

07 Sep

I was honoured to be asked to be a part of the team that brought a wonderful celebration together this past weekend.  The youngest daughter of a friend of ours was married, and right after she asked my beloved to conduct the ceremony, she asked me if I would create the wedding cake and cupcakes.

Now, I love to bake and to be creative when I do it, and I developed a bit of a reputation in our circles for doing fun things with cupcakes, but to be asked to do the centerpiece for their dessert table, I was truly humbled, honoured and a little nervous.

Over the months of planning, the bride and I discussed a few ideas of what the caked would look like, and about 2 months before the wedding, with one moment of inspirations – we settled on 2 possible options for the design.  Then just 3 weeks to the celebration – I baked a bottom layer sample, and decorated the cake in halves, with both options depicted.

The final look was created, and the baking began.

Flash forward to this weekend, and my anxiety increased about this thing I’d agreed to was becoming a reality, but with the complication of extreme heat…

So, Friday as we headed to the location where the wedding would be, I packed up everything necessary to bring the dessert to life.  Saturday morning would be the time to create.  And the heat increased…

Anxiety over the final look and the temperatures (did I mention it would be hot?) had full set in, but as I began to create the look we had planned a calm set in.

IMG_0811 IMG_0815 IMG_0816 IMG_0818 IMG_0877 IMG_0887

The day was beautiful, and the bride, groom and families had done so much work to bring things together.  The day, although hot, was sunny with a beautiful breeze.  Indeed the prayers for blessings on this day were being honoured.

You see, this was not just an ordinary wedding, or an ordinary couple.  Having met in the Dominican Republic, when the bride was travelling with her mom and one of her mom’s friends their love story was written over the last 2 1/2 years.  Both come from a fine and strong Christian home.  Both will have watched as Jesus was welcomed into the everyday of their parent’s lives, and that set the pattern for their lives.

Their vows, the Scriptures read at the service, the reverence of the ceremony – were all to point us to the fact that we had gathered to Worship God first and foremost.  The couple was even presented with their first gift – a Bible – from the congregation where they will make their home.

As I reflected on the day that had been, and especially the speeches that had been given by both sets of parents, I could not help but remark that both thanked God that their Christian child had found a partner who shares the same faith.

There was a brief rainy moment – which lasted for all of 10 minutes, but did nothing to interrupt the proceedings of the day.  God had been asked to bless the day, and He did.

It is always a joy to watch as 2 of His children join their lives together – as they were reminded at the wedding – so that God may show His love on earth through godly marriages.

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