A Family Resemblance…

07 Feb

I was out doing some errands a while ago, in preparation for 2 sets of company that weekend.  We were both excited to have each set coming, and some shopping was necessary.  On my way home, I had to stop for a school bus dropping off a child.

Waiting at the curb for the boy who was returning home, were – whom I can only assume – his mother and younger brother.  Why do I suppose this?  Each were dressed in identical western garb…apparently “cowboy” was the look for that weekend.  As the light on the bus started to signal the following cars to stop, the youngest boy started to jump up and down with excitement.  Then, as the older brother came off the bus, his brother ran up to him and the two embraced in a wonderful hug.

I’m sure that they had been apart for a whole 4 hours at this point, but the reunion looked like they hadn’t seen each other for months.  Never to have a moment be lost for its illustrative value – it got me thinking…

Do people know I’m part of God’s family just by looking at me?  Am I continually growing to look more and more like Jesus?  Am I living a life that identifies me as Whose I am?

Yesterday afternoon I attended a concert.  It was amazing.  As we were lining up to go into the venue, I was pleasantly surprised to see a World Vision Table.  I was even more pleased to hear from the musicians that World Vision is sponsoring their tour.  As I was talking with the staff who were manning the table, they asked if we were sponsors.  I replied that we are, and she said – “it’s such an important thing in this life to give back”, to which my reply was, “isn’t that part of our calling?”  Her response was humbling – “I knew, just by the light in your face, that you are one of His family.”

How often does our light shine?  I’m quite sure that mine is not as obvious as I think it is – I’m not always showing my connectedness to The Father like I want to.  I’m impatient in the grocery line, or short on the phone with yet another telemarketer, or I pass by someone who might need my help on the street…

I want people to know, just from my actions, that I am a child of God.  I want them to smile as they see the reflection of the One who’s waiting for me to finish my tasks here in this life before getting to spend eternity in His presence.  Thankfully, each day is a new opportunity to do just that…


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2 responses to “A Family Resemblance…

  1. Allie at home MacPhail

    February 7, 2011 at 7:30 am

    that is a great reminder to shine in all we do, to seek His purpose in all we do and to Love like Jesus in all we do. Thank for shining Diana!

  2. Bryn MacPhail

    February 7, 2011 at 8:17 am

    Outstanding post! Awesome closing paragraph.


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