A legacy well left…

11 Sep

A friend and former colleague of my stood face to face with her Lord last night.  She has valiantly been fighting cancer for as long as I’ve had the priviledge to know her.

Almost 2 years ago, she went through some pretty radical surgery that altered her eating habits forever.  She went through all the necessary treatments, and eventually having come through that, her hair grew back, and she was back to work.  Not so long ago, the cancer came back, yet she never wavered in her determination to fight.

Another thing that never wavered was her faith.  She repeatedly assured those around her that God is in control, and that He would be glorified through this.  Connie’s family will have many great memories of her, of their life together, and today begins the journey of adjusting to life without her smile or hugs.  Connie was an extremely proud grandma too.  He face beamed when she spoke of her grandson, and she loved to love on him.

One of the things that stands out to me, is the legacy that she leaves.  Connie lived the adage that “faith is caught – not taught”.  Her relationship with Jesus was an integral part of her everyday life, and her family saw that.  Jesus wasn’t someone who only got talked about on Sundays.  She walked with her Saviour 23/7, and as a result, the most precious thing she leaves her family is that example of a vibrant, everyday faith.

What will you be leaving your family?  Will it be homes, cars, jewels, stocks?  All of those will pass, but walking a faith that points people to Jesus is an eternal gift.  Remember, “In 100 years from now, the only thing that will matter is someone’s relationship with God”. 

We’ll miss you Connie…Welcome Home.

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