Fearless – new from Max Lucado

08 Sep

My very favourite books by Max Lucado are the ones where he takes a very specific passage of scripture and breaks it down passage by passage.  I must admit, I was hoping he was carrying on with that pattern.  Not the case, but, I was not disappointed.

The new book – releasing today – is “Fearless”.  It’s a sad reality in America (and here, north of the border) that many people are living in fear.  Fear of the unknown, of having to live with not enough resources, of not knowing how to care for loved ones who are sick, of the evil that is throughout our society…

Each chapter names the very things that cause us to live in fear, and then, as only Max does, he presents personal examples of how he faces the very same thing.  His stories are touching, some times funny, sometimes heart wreching, but always making him ‘real’ to each of us.  Then, he beautifully brings the Truth of scripture into the equation.  Using examples of God’s own penmen for His Word, among them being Jeremiah and Paul, we see that even those chosen to bring us the very Breath of God, faced fears.

Through their words, and examples, we see how to face those fears – and walk more closely to the One who calmed the sea, and carried the culmination of all that we fear (say “Sin”) to the cross.  I love the way he summarizes this at the end of chapter 7 – ” He’s the commander of every storm.  Are you scared in yours?  Then stare at him.  This may be your first flight, but it’s certainly not his.  Your pilot has a call sign too:  I Am Here.”

Fearless will not disappoint.   If you or someone you care about is facing great fear – this is the book for them.

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