She Still Calls Me Daddy – Robert Wogelmuth

02 Sep

Being the youngest daughter, I understand the bond between father and daughter.  I well remember the day that my mom reminded me that “your dad still needs to know you need him”.    I was taken right away with the book, as Robert talks about the feelings that he had as he walked his daughters down the aisle.

Using the running metaphor of remodelling a house – Robert candidly shares his emotional process in “letting go” of his daughter, as he faces the reality that as she married, she became part of a new team. He needs to “renovate” his expectations of being a dad, a dad with a daughter who is now a wife.    Seeking counsel from a Rabbi friend, he is reminded of Jethro needing to know that Moses would take care of his daughter.  A perspective we don’t often think of, it’s usually Moses in the story – not the father-in-law.

I found the book insightful.  To some of the things that changed quietly with my father after my marriage.  He also shares the importance of recognizing that as a married couple, it’s an adjustment that must be successfully made – returning to be a couple again, outside the role of active parents.

While I wasn’t the target audience for this book, I appreciate the opportunity to understand some of the emotional stuff my dad went through after my wedding.  I would highly recommend it as a wedding gift for the Father’s of the Bride.

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