Putting on another blanket…

22 Jan

As we head into another deep freeze, I’m at home trying to stay warm.  This task is usually quite easy, just throw on another blanket.  How ever, when one is fighting a virus, more concentrated steps must be taken.  I need to add more layers, take medicines, increase my vitamin C intake, and get adequate rest.

Our children are fighting a virus of the eternal kind.  I recently heard a story of a school field trip to the Royal Ontario Museum.  My friend was accompanying her daughters class.  On one part of the tour, the children were shown a number of paintings, all from the same era.  There were a significant number of Mary and Jesus.  When the tour guide asked the children if they could tell what the people of that time valued.  One of the boys said, “that lady and her baby”.

Sad, really, we in the church have the most important answer for today’s society, and our children are missing the point.  We can provide great programming Sunday mornings, but without the home reinforcing what we are teaching, it simply is putting a blanket on.  It warms the heart for now, but no real difference is made.

Society needs to taste the healing power that Jesus can give.  Our children need to know that God made them.  That they are so important to Him that He gave His Son’s life, just for them.  We need to increase their knowledge of the Book that God provided to share that love.  It is only when Scripture comes alive, and off the printed page, does the heart soak it all in.  And only then do we carry the truths with us.  Our children, and our families need that.

Partnering with families, begins to fill the “medicine chest”.  It helps the parents find ways to see the God Moments in the everyday.  For example, watching the snow fall, and talking about how each flake is unique, just like we are.  How popcorn in the microwave reminds us that we are all hard and unappetizing, but with the power of the Holy Spirit, we are changed into something that is comforting and appealing.   Just like the popcorn is still corn, with God, we are still us, just better.

The Bible speaks to us in our ordinary lives.  Our children need to learn to see that, and partnering with their parents gives valuable opportunity to plant that deep in their hearts.  We need to cover our children in layers of teaching, modelling, and discussion so that they will be able to fight of the viruses of today’s society.  Solid scriptural teaching is the medicine, and the blanket – all rolled into one.


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