It’s a new quarter…

14 Jan

This Sunday, all of our classes begin a new quarter of lessons in both of our Children’s Ministry programs.  It’s exciting that we are seeing the progress in our 2 year cycle.  It has been an adventure in learning, growing and being ready for “whatever”.  But our children are charged about the Bible truths they have been learning, and that charges me about continuing with effecting change.

Our youngest class is starting a unit on prayer,  learning that God hears us when we talk to Him.  They will use the Lord’s prayer (minus the thees and thous), as the model, and then see all the examples that scripture gives of prayer.  They will learn that the key to relationship is communication, and that we don’t need fancy language to talk to God.  He just wants to hear from us.

The middle class is looking at how we protect ourselves by putting on the Whole Armor of God.  By using each piece, and a connecting Bible truth, they will see how important it is to have the right equipment to go into the everyday battles.

Our oldest class is moving to their overview of the New Testament.  Looking at Jesus life and ministry, then onto the letters and establishment of the church.  All including how the lessons taught then, apply to our lives today.

At The Well, we are going to be spending some time putting on the protection of The 10 Commandments.  We will see how God did not give them to be a “kill joy”.  He loves us so much, that he wants us to be safe.

Being one who loves the “lightbulb” moments that our children have – I love to watch as the truths of what God teaches us come to life.  Our teachers make it exciting, and the curriculum spurs on their creativity.

As each quarter has been building on the last, and the children are connecting the dots of how to apply the Bible Truths to their daily walk.  God wants a relationship with each one of them, and sent His Son to show the way to have it.  It is an honour to watch that develop, and a joy to see the seeds beginning to take root.

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