Happy Birthday

17 Dec

This past Sunday, I sent the families of SGK home with a gift bag.  Inside were all the necessary ingredients to have a Birthday Party.  Cupcake mix and papers, streamers, icing, candles, and more were included with a letter and a 4 part devotion.

I love to do this with the families I serve.  It allows me to provide some tools for a great discussion about the Biblical importance of what we are celebrating.   Without having yet another event that families need to attend, they are able to find the time to have a time of learning together, while having fun at the same time.

I see myself as a partner in the job of giving kids the “tool box” they need for a faith that will carry them through their lives.  It’s a partnership I take very seriously, and get excited when parents actually engage with the resources we can provide.

I get 1 hour/week (actually it’s about 25-30 minutes in light of our Sunday morning routine), to reach them with the foundations of trusting in Jesus as their Saviour.  We (the teacher’s and I) seek to make the hour as condusive to faith imprintin as we can.  Contrast that to the hours each day that a family has to make the same impact. 

I know that a child’s life is just as busy as mom and dad’s.  But when you take into account the soccer, sleeping, meetings, school, work, travel, etc., etc., there is still more than 30 minutes each week for a family to have significant conversations.

This is why I like to partner with parents to give them tools that will help open discussions on eternal matters.  Nothing makes me happier than to hear that one of the tools provided has made a difference.

Just last week, I was having a discussion with one of the moms in our Sunday School.  The very first week back, the kids and I made a craft that had a prayer on it.  He took it home, and it was placed in his room.  Mom just told me that they memorized it, and it is part of his prayer every night…I almost cried.  That is what partnership with parents can do.  I can provide all the tools, but until it is placed in the hands of the parents and made to be part of “everyday”, it is just another thing to take up room.

On days when I think that people just don’t get the priority our children need to be, God sends stories like this to my ears.

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